Whimsical Einstein #imaginethestory

7 Nov

Love this illustration of Einstein. Happily waving, heart full of gratification, as he rides off on the most rad bike, knowing he’s made a difference to our lives. I think he saw this crazy bike, loved the non-conformity of its look, and then spontaneously decided it was time to move on.

What’s your interpretation of this picture?












Also love his quote: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”

Seems to explain this rut I’m in.


Pizza this together: Short-term and long-term career aspirations #abstractart #concretedream

13 Jan

How many of us know what we want to do in the long-term? And what’s long-term anyway… Monday always seems long…

Here’s a thoughtful and kreative post from our newest guest kontributor @caseypenney, where she sketches out her short-term and long-term career aspirations.

How about a little project for everyone this week? Think about what you are doing now and where you want to end up, and draw it out. Makes a great reminder to stick up on your desk, and if anything, a quirky, meaningful and personal doodle to brighten up your day. As Casey’s drawing shows, anyone can be kreative! 😉

Good luck, everyone, and cowabunga, k-k-k-Kasey!

— Guest post by Casey —

When Su Min asked me to contribute to this blog, I’ll admit I may or may not have put it off…for 3 months.

But today, while randomly thinking about some of my short- and long-term career goals, a sudden stroke of inspiration fell over me. That was when I took my pencil to paper and excitedly sketched — and promptly submitted — my art to Su Min for posting. Like a kid on Hanukkah morning, I waited and waited AND waited for her response. Presumably it’d be a proclamation of how impressive she found my artwork and most important, how thankful she was that I was kontributing to Kreative Kangaroo after all this time.

What I got was: “What the f*ck is this?”


So now, I must explain myself…

The drawing on the left-hand side represents the convergence of analog and digital. Or more specifically, offline and online through e-commerce. The “e” and shopping cart. Lately I’ve been obsessed with helping my clients BRIDGE their offline products with their online presence with commerce at the helm, through strong SEO and consumer UX, the prompt culling and converting of leads and of course: $$. It amazes me how poorly companies do this today yet how adamant the marketing, sales and retail guys are about getting it right.

The drawing on the right, represents my long-term aspiration. Quite simply, when I’m well to do and money is no object, I want to open a pizza place in Silicon Valley. Actually, I don’t want to operate the place. I just want to invest in it,  have the naming rights and of course eat my lovely cheese pizza (just for me) amongst the yet-to-be discovered tech savants who are sitting on the next ground-breaking innovation but don’t have the capital to fund it. YET. It will be called “Pi.”

Wanna nibble on Wilbur the Penguin?

28 Oct

I consider it a mini-miracle when I grow my fingernails to just beyond my fingertips, cos they’re so weak from my bad habit of chewing on them. Hmm, typing it out, it sounds absolutely disgusting…

Here’s a solution for all you fellow nail-biters out there: paint your nails to look like penguins! No one could possibly want to nibble on something that cute right? 

Besides, you’d be pretty nuts to want to chew through all that nail polish O.o


Nail art by guest kontributor @yishi_ho from The Nail Bureau

What’s a sheep without legs? #b2btech

13 Oct

When you think B2B tech everyday, you get kloud storage, kloud security and kloud komputing.

Brought to you by our favourite letter ‘k’ and doodles by @loi.

Suit up and nail it like a Ho

11 Oct

Welcoming our new guest contributor, @yishi_ho

Make your nails happy today!

Monday blues?

25 Jun


Did you get the Monday blues? Here’s a doodle to cheer you up.


Making them balls of paper

19 Jun


More info on what a Kusudama ball is.

Came across a really good quality origami paper and felt inspired (and ready) to take on this modular piece!

Again, these pieces have to be well made individually, otherwise the pieces wouldn’t fit well together. Also, this particular piece is constructed from the inside, so it gets tricky assembling the piece towards the end. Must. Be. Perfect!


The finished product!


Each piece of paper is differently colored – it was one of those 100 pc packs where it was 100 different colors. I think it’ll look nice if it was just a single color too – a nice wedding piece deco?

Anyway, it was challenge assembling the piece, especially when it got to the last few pieces. It does help a lot if you use thicker paper though. That helped me plenty. Also, small and nimble fingers and a truckload of patience.

After I made that piece I went into over achiever mode and thought it would be nice to have a smaller ball. Plus, I had extra paper lying around anyway..


Ain’t it cute? But it was such a pain to do – the paper wasn’t thick enough and everything kept falling apart! I had to use sticky tape to hold everything together in the end.


Some tips…
– Use good quality paper! Can’t emphasize this enough. If you scrimp on paper, the outcome will be compromised!
– Think about the colors you want to use. Would actually recommend a single color or colors from the same color scheme – it just looks better.
– Try out other easier modular pieces first before doing this. You need lots of patience for this!
– If you can’t get it to assemble properly, try using sticky tape to hold it together. (besides, no one will know..)
– Folds and creases have got to be absolutely crisp for maximum effect! Practice first before folding your pieces.

Okay, good luck trying it out! May the folds be with you 🙂

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